Service business specialist

Do you know what is the full potential of your installed base?

Many companies formulate service strategies that look good on Powerpoint, but are not executable and you miss your potential.

I can help you to build a robust after-sales or service strategy that helps you to gain a competitive edge and enable your full potential.

My services

Service business strategy creation

With me you will learn the full potential your customer base or installed base can bring to you.

The potential is matched with the capabilities of the organization considering geographical restrictions.

Finally, a robust strategic plan is helping you to untap your full after-sales service potential.

Tangible benefits of after sales

Services are the business
Services are part of solution portfolio
Services are supporting product sales
Services are for supporting product deliveries

I can help you to formulate an effective after-sales strategy to capitalize on your full growth potential and ensure a sustainable competitive edge.

Service business development

Report topics
Global service business benchmark report

Analyzing the current state is the basis of any strategy formulation. I have a vast base of industry benchmarks that help you to understand the current position of your business and to set the ambition level of a new strategy.

I have many years of experience in service business digitalization and improving operational efficiency.

The efficiency of a service business is important for your competitiveness. I can help you to improve your existing service operations and digitalization.

I have over 25 years of service business experience in multinational corporations in various leadership positions.

Businesses I have worked with include Kalmar, Fastems and MacGregor. In all of these companies, I have been heading the transformation from a product orientation to a service orientation. I have created successful service contract concepts like MacGregor Onboard Care and Kalmar Care, which both included elements of outcome-based services.

In addition to developing and scaling long-term service agreement business, I have headed multiple digitalization initiatives: Digital field service tool selection and implementation, IoT since 2002, and finally Kalmar Insight, which is a software dashboard product.

Professional service strategy implementation increases customer satisfaction and enables profitable growth.

Let’s build your successful service business.

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